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Neko and Koi Tote Bag With Zipper and Pocket

Neko and Koi Tote Bag With Zipper and Pocket

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Enjoy the scenic waterscape with Neko! This tote bag is a great replacement for plastic bags--let's be friendly to the environment!! This large tote comes with a zipper and pocket! You can also use these tote bags for everyday uses: carrying your books, laptops, boba receipts, doggie needs, and other everyday items!

- SIZE: 18" x 15.5" x 5"
- POCKET SIZE: 7"x 7"
- MATERIAL: Canvas

- Machine wash cold or in delicates
- Air dry or tumble dry in low heat
- Ironing my cause shrinkage, do so at your own risk.

Please note: color can vary slightly due to the computer screen or personal device.

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