Our Story

We are two crafty sisters that love watching anime and drawing cute things! Melanie, the older sister, loves things pink and pastel and likes to bake whenever she can. She’s very organized and is proud of it. Britney, the younger sister, loves playing games and sleeping. Her special talent is that she can sleep anytime, anywhere.

We are both graphic designers that previously worked in corporate companies. During our free time, we loved making cosplays and attending anime conventions to flex our hard work. We called ourselves “SugarxSpice Cosplay” with a rabbit and cat mascot. Melanie would be “Sugar the Rabbit” with her organized personality and love of pastel aesthetic, and Britney would be “Spice the Cat” for her sassy personality and her love of a darker color palette.

When the outbreak of Covid-19 hit the U.S. in 2020, we saw a rise in people working remotely and starting small businesses. We also’ve also decided to take a challenge and embark on our own journey of working on our own—grew tired of the 9-5 life and trying starting a business of our own using our crafty, cosplaying skills. Using our cosplay handle for our business, we originally made anime-related/inspired products on Etsy but ran into some…complications

SO! We decided to move forward with creating a brand new business with original characters! Thus, Tuzi and Neko were born! A fluffy pink rabbit and a sassy gray cat to represent our personalities. Follow us on our TuziNeko journey!