The Universal Greeting Card (Individual)
The Universal Greeting Card (Individual)
The Universal Greeting Card (Individual)

The Universal Greeting Card (Individual)

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The Ultimate, Universal, Handy-Dandy Greeting card!! Let creativity take over! Circle the occasion, and draw little outfits for Tuzi and Neko accordingly! Great for make-shift occasions and events! Send this lovely greeting card to friends, family, your work peeps, and other loved ones!

FRONT: "Happy / Merry / Congrats on"
BACK: "A universal greeting card for all occasions, made especially for the lazy"

- 4.625" x 6.25" Card stock Greeting Card
- 4.75" x 6.5" Frosty Purple Envelope With Water-Activated Adhesive
- Instructions on how to use :)

Please note: color can vary slightly due to the computer screen or personal device.